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on Sat Dec 05, 2015 1:35 am
What Are Elementals?
Elementals are creatures, that are influenced by the magical force of a certain Element. They can have a natural tolerance, resistance, or even immunity to their own Element; but, as well as strengths, they may have weaknesses to other elements - that other Elementals, or non-elementals may not have: For example - An Ice Elemental would be immune to Ice, but will have a natural weakness to Fire, and a critical weakness to Lava.

However, some two Elemental types are weak against each other - for Example, an Ice Elemental, and a Fire and / or Lava Elemental are both weak to each others' attacks...

There are also Elementals known as Super Elementals; which possess an improved version of their original Element.

What are "Super" Elementals?
"Super" Elementals, are Elementals that have mastered their Element so much, that they have gained an even more powerful version of the Element they originally possessed. Only some Elemental types can become Super Elementals, however.

Another thing to note, is that some Super Elementals are more weak to another Super Elemental's original element, than the same Elementals' Super Element... for example - a Water Elemental does more damage to a Lava Elemental than an Ice Elemental; even though Ice is the Super Version of Water...

Below, is a list of the Elements; along with their "Super" Counterparts:

Element:"Super" Counterpart:
VampireGreater Vampire
Ultra Elementals exist as well now - though, only very few elements have an "Ultra" Element. Ultra Elements are an even more powerful version of a Super Element; like how a Super Element is to a Normal Element.

Below, is a list of the Elements; along with their "Super" Counterparts... as well as their "Ultra" Counterparts:

Element:"Super" Counterpart:"Ultra" Counterpart:
DarknessUnholyPure Evil
VampireGreater VampireVampire Lord
What are "Multi" Elementals?
Multi-Elementals are, as their name suggests, Elementals which have more than one Element. They are rare variations of Elemental;, that can possess, control, and even use more than one Element instead of a single Element, unlike normal Elementals. There is no limit to how many Elements they can have. Multi-Elementals can be very endurable, as well as challenging fighters - for example, if one Multi-Elemental was a Earth Elemental with Fire, their foe may not expect them to have Fire attacks; giving the multi-elemental an advantage.

Is there anything that an Elemental has, which grants them Elemental powers?
Yes, Most Elementals possess Elemental Cores; objects that are responsible for them having their powers - without them, they would no longer have their Elements. Elemental Cores are what contains their elemental powers; the more powerful the Elemental Core, the more power and energy it can hold, and the more powerful that Elemental is / can become.

Multi-Elementals possess stronger Elemental Cores; which is what allows them to take, have, and possess multiple Elements instead of just one. The more Elements a Multi-Elemental has, the more powerful they become, but also, the more powerful their core becomes - allowing them to take and gain more and more Elements.

So... what exactly are Elemental Cores?
Elemental Cores, are, as said above, objects that give an Elemental their powers, and so on... but that isn't all. Elemental Cores aren't just any object - they're found inside the Elementals themselves! Elemental Cores also benefit an Elemental in other ways, too - they act as a super immune system; capable of removing bad bacteria, viruses, diseases, and even poison... in an instant!

However, since Psychic Elementals' powers, and Mystic Elementals' powers come from their magical minds, they lack Elemental Cores; meaning that their bodies aren't changed in anyway, shape, or form.


Every Element has a traitor; an Elemental who seems friendly at first, but turns out to be a liar and / or a betrayer. The numbers of traitors in an Element depends on how pure / good that Element is; the more pure / good the Element is, the less traitors (with a minimum of 1 in each element). Whereas, the less pure / good the Element is, the more traitors there are in the Element. Traitors are some of the most wanted criminals in the world of Tcherborbia.

Names of traitors:

  • Cold Frostbite - Ice Elemental traitor. Like a frostbite, he stays with his victim for a while, and eventually strikes them without warning.


Element Shifters are another special type of Elemental; these Elementals are similar to Multi-Elementals, but rather than gaining elements, they swap elements! They can only do it every so often - the duration on how long they have to wait before shifting to another element, depends on how well they have mastered / used their unique ability. They have no official appearance, as their appearance also changes to match the current Element they possess.

Element Shifters start off being a certain type of Elemental, but can later choose to be another Elemental. They can do this as many times as they want, but again, they may have to wait before shifting into another element again.


Like other creatures, Elementals can die. When an Elemental dies, they will leave behind their Elemental Core (If they aren't a Psychic or Mystic Elemental.), Most Elementals will resurrect after a certain period of time; if their Elemental Core hasn't been taken, stolen, or destroyed. If their Elemental Core has been destroyed, that Elemental is gone forever.

In battle, most Elementals die in a "Self-Destruct" way; for example, if an Ice Elemental dies, they will shatter into shards of ice - in an attempt to take their killer with them. Fire and Lava Elementals will explode, though, Lava Elementals will cause a larger explosion. Water Elementals are quite endurable when it comes to combat; when they're destroyed, they simply become a puddle of water, and reshape themselves a few moments later, meaning they can only really die to being melted / evaporated.

Most Multi-Elementals (Usually Evil ones) tend to kill other Elementals, so that they can steal their Elemental Cores, and gain elements that they don't have.

List of updates on this topic:

  • Update 1 - Added Ultra Elements and Ultra Elementals. (6th January 2016)
  • Update 2 - Psychic now has "Psi" as a Super Element. (6th January 2016)
  • Update 3 - Electricity has been added as an Element, and Lightning is now a Super Element - The Super Element of Electricity(6th January 2016)
  • Update 4 - Divine has been added as the Ultra Element for Light, and the Super Element for Holy.
  • Update 5 - Pure Evil has been added as the Ultra Element for Darkness, and the Super Element for Unholy(6th January 2016)
  • Update 6 - Greater Vampire, and Vampire Lord have been added; meaning Greater Vampire is the Super Element of Vampire, and Vampire Lord is the Ultra Element of Vampire, and the Super Element of Greater Vampire(6th January 2016)
  • Update 7 - Added information about Multi-Elementals. (6th January 2016)
  • Update 8 - Added information about how Elementals have their powers. (6th January 2016)
  • Update 9 - Added information about Elemental Cores. (6th January 2016)
  • Update 10 - Hurricane has been added as a Super Element for Wind.
  • Update 11 - Added information about Traitors. (1st June 2016)
  • Update 12 - Changed Psi to Mystic, to give Mystic Elementals, from the fiction, a place on the table. (7th August 2016)
  • Update 13 - Earth now has Metal for a Super Element. (7th August 2016)
  • Update 14 - A new type of Elemental - Element Shifter, has been added, as well as information about them. (14th August 2016)
  • Update 15 - Added information about Elemental Life & Death. (15th August 2016)
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