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on Sun Dec 06, 2015 4:33 pm
"Go-Whacks" is the nickname used by Tamus' Elemental Group, for a race of orc-like creatures. As the name suggests, they will Go and whack anything that moves; except themselves, or any allies.

"Go-Whacks" are a hostile, very strong, large, and muscular race; they can be up to around 6 feet, to 10 feet tall. They wear tunics, and sometimes, padded leather armour. They have tusks sticking out from their bottom lip, and tend to have either short or long hair. However, they aren't very intelligent; which is indicated by the way they speak... but, would you really want to tease them?

"Go-Whacks" are Neutral Evil; as they are a very aggressive race, and want to have nothing but everything for themselves.

Go-Whacks do not possess any Elements.


"Go-Whacks" live together in a tribe; usually carrying clubs, spears, or any other primitive weapon. They spend most of their life living, and defending their territory - as well as eliminating, or capturing trespassers. They tend to perform rituals, and ceremonies to pass the time, and even perform sacrifices; with the ones they have captured as the sacrifice!

Occasionally, the "Go-Whacks" may invade, or attack another region of Tcherborbia with their huge army. They have claimed a few spots in the past with this army - which has helped them with gaining more land, and space for living in.

"Go-Whacks" can live up to being around 120 years old; with most of them usually ending up living for around 90-100 years.
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