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Fire and Lava

on Fri Jan 08, 2016 7:46 pm

Usual Alignment Type: Chaotic
Usual Alignment: Neutral
Usual Personality: Impatient, Serious, and easily annoyed.
Strengths: None
Matchups: Ice, and Wind.
Weaknesses: Water, and Earth.
Notable Features: Glowing, hot, orange eyes with dark red and black hair / fur colours.
Average Height: Around 6-8 foot tall.
Average Weight: 300LBs
Environment: Warm places; such as Deserts and Caves.
Rival Elements: Water and Ice.
Traditions: None
Beliefs: None
Diet: Cooked Food, Spicy Food, and Meat.

Fire Elementals are known for their impatience, and hot-headed characteristic. They can be aggressive if others do not listen, or tease them. and can easily become angry. Fire Elementals are another all-round Element; their top three abilities being Speed, Intelligence, and Magic.

Strength: 5/10
Speed: 6/10
Magic: 5/10
Defense: 4/10
Intelligence: 6/10


  • Immunity to Fire.
  • Immunity to the heat.
  • Immunity to Poison.
  • Immunity to Diseases.
  • Can't get Hyperthermia.
  • Can't be burnt by flames.
  • Can control Fire, and what it burns.
  • Can withstand Lava a lot better than normal creatures, but can still be burnt by it.
  • Vulnerability to Ice.
  • Vulnerability to Wind.
  • High Vulnerability to Water.
  • Vulnerability to Hypothermia.


  • Fireball - Fire Elementals can summon, and throw balls of fire at their targets.
  • Heatseeking Fireball - A more deadly version of the Fireball attack; these Fireballs will persistantly follow their target.
  • Fire Wall - Fire Elementals can summon a wall of fire; either to trap targets, or to damage moving targets - so that the targets runs straight into the wall of fire.
  • Fire Breath - Fire Elementals can breathe fire straight at their targets; easily setting the targets on fire, unless they are flame resistant.

Notable Fire Elementals:

  • Phos, The Fox of Fire and Lava
  • Flame

Usual Alignment Type: Chaotic
Usual Alignment: Neutral
Personality: Hot-Headed, and very serious.
Strengths: Wind
Matchups: Ice, and Water.
Weaknesses: None.
Notable Features: Same features as Fire Elementals, only darker, and with brighter glowing eyes and mouth.
Average Height: Around 7-8 foot tall.
Average Weight: 340LBs
Environment: Extremely hot places - such as volcanoes.
Rival Elements: Water and Ice.
Traditions: Lava Elementals usually swim in boiling hot magma, to relax.
Beliefs: None
Diet: Cooked Food, Spicy Food, Meat, and any creature that provokes them.

Lava Elementals are Fire Elementals who have fully-grown (becoming Elderly) and have also mastered their Fire Elemental powers; these Fire Elementals now possess the Lava Element - which is a much more powerful version of the Fire Element. This grants them better endurance to Ice and Water, as well as improving their attacks, and allowing them to be completely immune to heat.

Their abilities have also improved; their abilities now surpass both of their rival elements' abilities... this makes them a deadly foe for their rival elements.

Overall, Lava Elementals are even more aggressive, impatient, and hot-headed than compared to Fire Elementals; they enjoy catching unwanted trespassers, and cooking them with their Fire and Lava magic.

Lava Elementals are also capable of drinking lava; drinking lava causes their energy to increase vastly, and boosts their powers up quite a lot... but, if a Lava Elemental drinks too much, they will go into a state similar to a sugar rush.

Strength: 7/10
Speed: 7/10
Magic: 7/10
Defense: 6/10
Intelligence: 7/10


  • Immunity to Fire.
  • Immunity to Lava.
  • Immunity to the heat.
  • Immunity to Poison.
  • Immunity to Diseases.
  • Can't get Hyperthermia.
  • Can't be burnt by flames.
  • Can swim in Lava and Magma.
  • Can control Fire, and what it burns.
  • Can control Lava.
  • No longer weak to Wind.
  • Slight Vulnerability to Ice.
  • Slight Vulnerability to Hypothermia.
  • Vulnerability to Water.


  • All Fire Elemental Spells

  • Lava Breath - An even deadlier and more powerful version of a Fire Elemental's Fire Breath attack; it is also capable of splashing, and damaging targets that may have just barely avoided the actual attack, but weren't away from the splash radius.
  • Lava Storm - An attack fatal to Water Elementals, and Ice Elementals; The Lava Elemental charges up this powerful spell, and then, when ready, unleashes a massive hurricane of molten lava at the targets - either igniting them, and leaving them to a very painful death, or instantly turning the targets to ash.

Notable Lava Elementals:

  • Phos, The Fox of Fire and Lava
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