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on Sat Jan 09, 2016 11:19 pm
Usual Alignment Type: Varies
Usual Alignment: Varies
Personality: Varies, but usually crazy and playful.
Strengths: None
Matchups: None
Weaknesses: Water, Fire, Lava, Lightning, Darkness, Unholy, Pure Evil, Vampires, Greater Vampires, and Vampire Lords.
Notable Features: Psychic Elementals don't have any noticable features.
Average Height: Around 5-6 foot tall.
Average Weight: 180LBs
Environment: Usually seen in forests, or rural areas.
Rival Elements: Darkness, Unholy, and Vampire.
Traditions: Psychic Elementals are said to be able to see into the future; some offer travellers some future guidance by looking into the future for them... for a price.
Beliefs: None
Diet: Psychic Elementals don't have any specific diet - what they eat depends on what creature they are.

Psychic Elementals are Elementals with mind-based powers; all of their spells and elemental attacks are done by their thinking. These Elementals are also unique; since they don't have an Elemental Core - as all of their elemental powers and magic come from their mind. Though, since they have no Elemental-related anatomical changes... this means that they're vulnerable to Poison, certain types of bacteria, and Diseases; their bodies are more or less like the body of a non-elemental creature - the only major change being their mind, which is what gives them their powers.

Psychic Elementals are the weakest, and most vulnerable type of Element... but, to make up for it... their attacks can be pretty deadly if they are able to hit first; in other words, a Psychic Elemental is only truly dangerous if they are given the chance to attack... but if they are interrupted, they are incredibly vulnerable. Another way of making up for their huge weakness, is by having a wide range of magic - they have quite a large variety attacks; even borrowing attacks from other elements!

In a team with other Elementals, a Psychic Elemental's best team role would be a support member - they can cast spells which can make their allies stronger, and their enemies weaker; they can also cast certain other spells, such as fireballs and a freeze ray.

Strength: 2/10
Speed: 8/10
Magic: 9/10
Defense: 3/10
Intelligence: 5/10


  • Immunity to Psychic.
  • Can't be brainwashed.
  • Can't be possessed.
  • Weak to Water.
  • Weak to Ice.
  • Weak to Fire.
  • Weak to Darkness.
  • Weak to Vampires.
  • Very Weak to Lava.
  • Very Weak to Lightning.
  • Very Weak to Unholy.
  • Very Weak to Greater Vampires.
  • Dangerously Weak to Pure Evil.
  • Dangerously Weak to Vampire Lords.
  • Vulnerability to Poison.
  • Vulnerability to Diseases.


  • Telekinesis - A Psychic Elemental can use telekinetic abilities to pick up objects, and even targets from a distance, and either position them, or throw them.
  • Confusion - A Psychic Elemental can cast a confusion spell on a target; rendering them confused.
  • Rocket Attack - A Psychic Elemental can use their magic to send themselves rocketing at a target; dealing a fair bit of damage. However, it is also a very risky move.
  • Shrink Ray - A Psychic Elemental can shrink targets; leaving the targets vulnerable and possibly even helpless.
  • Enlarging Ray - A Psychic Elemental can make targets larger. However, it is best used on themselves or teammates.
  • Fatigue - A Psychic Elemental can cast a spell that makes targets feel sleepy; also causing them to fall asleep.
  • Brainwash - Evil Psychic Elementals can brainwash targets, and make them do their bidding.
  • Fear - Evil Psychic Elementals can cast a spell which strikes fear into weak-minded targets; causing them to flee and run away.
  • Fireball - A Psychic Elemental can use their mind to summon a fireball.
  • Freeze Ray - A Psychic Elemental can use their mind to emit a beam of ice.

Notable Psychic Elementals:

  • Mystos The Mystic
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