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The Crazy Ones

on Fri Jan 15, 2016 3:58 am
"The Crazy Ones" are a name for a race of Foxes, that vary in appearance, and tend to prey on travellers.

Appearance / Personality:
The Crazy Ones vary in appearance; mainly with their fur colours. Their fur colour signifies how aggressive and / or crazy they are.

Here is a chart below:
Aggressiveness:Most AggressiveAggressiveCrazyQuite FriendlyFriendly
Rarity:CommonQuite RareQuite CommonCommonRare

The Crazy Ones have two elements - Psychic, and Mystic but only some of them do, while the rest don't have an element.

The Crazy Ones live together in a Forest. They are a very lively race; as they tend to play a lot of instruments, and even dance to the music that is being played with those instruments

They are also under the control of a hostile king known as King Carnivorous I; a very aggressive, and highly feared individual of The Crazy Ones, who, has Red and White fur as well. Not only that, but King Carnivorous I is also ginormous, which aids him with living up to his name.
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