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The Arms of Elements

on Sat Jan 16, 2016 12:05 am
The Arms of Elements

"The Arms of Elements" is the name of a group of powerful elemental weaponry. These Elemental Weapons are capable of enhancing an Elemental's powers, and even making that Elemental's attacks much more damaging and effective.

However... to use these weapons, and gain enhanced powers, the user must have the same element as the one the weapon holds.

Each and every one of these Elemental Weapons are also unbreakable, and indestructible. However, only the magic of Darkness, Unholy, and Pure Evil Elementals or creatures can get remotely close to destroying them; but even if they were to be destroyed, they can be repaired through the help of Light, Holy, or Divine Magic.

The following is a list of these Elemental Weapons:
Name:Weapon Type:Required Element:
The Nitrogen BladeSword (Longsword)Ice
The Sword of BombardmentSword (Broadsword)Fire
The Mystical MaceMacePsychic
Wind's AngerCrossbowWind
Earth's WeightHeavy FlailEarth
Lightning's FurySword (Greatsword)Lightning

As you can see; for one to be able to use The Nitrogen Blade, they must be an Ice Elemental, or, if they're a Multi-Elemental, they must have Ice as one of their elements - the same applies for the rest of the weapons, but with different elements. It is said that these ancient, and legendary weapons were left behind by the Ancients of Tcherborbia... who had disappeared long ago. The Arms of Elements were originally made to take care of Evil, and aid in banishing it.

It is also said, that, if the weapons aren't united together once in a while, there may be an inbalance; for example, there may be more Ice than Fire, or more Fire than Ice - causing temperatures to change. The effects on the inbalance depend on which of the weapons are united, and which ones aren't united. Legends say that when all of The Elemental Weapons are put together, then can be used to create an Ultimate Elemental Weapon - that can be used by any kind of Elemental; the legends say that it possesses the power of every element in existance, and that every Elemental will fear the wielder of the weapon.
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