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on Wed Jan 20, 2016 3:42 pm
Usual Alignment Type: Neutral
Usual Alignment: Neutral
Personality: Varies
Strengths: Vampire
Matchups: Fire
Weaknesses: Electricity, IceLava, and Lightning.
Notable Features: Blue colours.
Average Height: Around 7 foot tall.
Average Weight: 300LBs
Environment: Bays, coasts, beaches, etc...
Rival Elements: Electricity, Fire, and Lightning.
Traditions: None
Beliefs: None
Diet: Fish, and sea food.

Water Elementals are mysterious creatures that are usually found in oceans and seas. They can range from being hostile, to neutral, to even friendly. Water Elementals can breathe underwater, and are even made out of water!

They are usually found rising out of the water at night, walking up to the beach; in search for prey, and / or anything that they can catch.

Strength: 2/10
Speed: 5/10
Magic: 5/10
Defense: 8/10
Intelligence: 6/10


  • Immunity to Poison.
  • Immunity to Diseases.
  • Immunity to hand-to-hand attacks.
  • Can change shape.
  • Can breathe underwater.
  • Conductive to Electricity.
  • Highly conductive to Lighting.
  • Vulnerability to Ice.
  • Vulnerability to Freezing.
  • Vulnerability to Heat.
  • Vulnerability to Fire.
  • High Vulnerability to Lava.


  • Water Splash - Only really useful against Fire and Lava Elementals; the Water Elemental throws water at the target - causing water to splash on them, and knock them backwards.
  • Absorb - A Water Elemental has a body made out of Water; if a foe touches them, they will be pulled in, and absorbed by the Water Elemental. The only way around this for the target, is if they use a weapon, rather than direct melee attacks - such as punches, kicks, etc.
  • Water Chain - A Water Elemental can send Water at at the target, and use the water as a grappling hook; pulling the target towards them.

Notable Water Elementals:

  • Hydro, The Water Fox

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