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Eric and Justice

on Tue Feb 02, 2016 10:37 am
Eric and Justice
Eric and Justice are two partners who have been together for a long time; they both work together as mercenaries, to deal with the crimes that The Corrupt Knights ignore.

Eric's Profile:
Height:6foot, 2inches
Alignment:Neutral Good
Eye Colour:Cyan
Likes:Fighting for Justice


  • ??? - Eric never really knew his family.


  • Justice - his Elemental pet / protector / partner.


  • None


  • The Corrupt Knights

Eric is a member of The Rebels of True Justice; a group that go against the corrupt laws that The Corrupt Knights had set for the Central Village - he, along with the rest of the members believe that every citizen and villager should live, following a fair law, and one that isn't corrupt or easily taken advantage of. Eric didn't really know his family, as they had disappeared without a trace. One day, Eric found a large bag that was tied up... he opened it, and then an ice fox came running out from the bag; someone must have caught it, and tried to get rid of it.

Eric was only around 10 years old at the time, the ice fox that he had saved was about 15 years older than him. The Ice Fox's name was Justice; he explained to Eric, that The Corrupt Knights were the ones that did this to him; they knocked him out, and tied him up in the bag, and then left him there. Eric then found that Justice had some kind of charm around him - it was an Anti-Element or Anti-Elemental Charm; it was a charm created by mages to prevent Elementals from being able to use their magical powers or attacks - to leave them weakened, or even helpless.

Justice looked down, depressed, as he found that he couldn't use his Ice magic; it was the Anti-Elemental Charm that was causing this... Eric ripped the Charm off, threw it onto the floor, and destroyed it by stepping on it. A bright blue glow then filled Eric's vision, as Justice had regained his Elemental powers and magic. Eric felt happy, as he knew he did the right thing... Justice was greatful, and wanted to repay Eric somehow... Eric then told Justice that he had no family, and that he was lonely and wanted someone to look after and take care of him, as well as give him some company.

And so, Justice decided to look after Eric and make sure that he was alright; the two then spent years together growing up, learning things together, and talking to each other.

After 8 years, Eric was 18, and finally an adult. Eric then started having flashbacks about the tragedy that Justice went through, and remembered about The Corrupt Knights - Eric then told Justice that he had an idea; to work together, and form a group that would oppose The Corrupt Knights... Justice loved the idea, and accepted the idea - the two then became mercenaries, and true partners.

Eric and Justice now spend their days opposing The Corrupt Knights.

Justice's Profile:
Race:Ice Fox
Height:6foot, 6inches
Alignment:Lawful Good
Eye Colour:Red
Likes:Fighting for Justice
Seeing his friend, Eric
The Corrupt Knights
Corrupt Laws
Lack of Justice


  • ??? - Justice doesn't remember much about his family; the blow to his head caused him to forget most of his precious memories; he is aware of this, however, which makes him angry about The Corrupt Knights.


  • Eric


  • None


  • The Corrupt Knights

Justice is an Ice Elemental who fought against The Corrupt Knights; for all of their wrongdoings, corrupt laws, and lack of rightful justice.

One day, Justice decided to try and storm the castle where The Corrupt Knights were located - he got so close to freezing the Arch-Mage, but... The Arch-Mage could predict his attacks, and ended up knocking Justice against the wall with a Fireball spell.

The Arch-Mage then went over to Justice, and put an Anti-Elemental Charm on him, then ordering The Corrupt Knights to take Justice away.
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