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Hatred and Frustration

on Tue Feb 02, 2016 11:50 am
Hatred and Frustration
Hatred and Frustration are two evil lords who have been together for a long time; they both work together to try and spread fear, death, and destruction. It can be said that Hatred and Frustration are the opposites of Eric and Justice.

Hatred's Profile:
Height:6foot, 4inches
Alignment:Chaotic Evil
Eye Colour:Red
Immunities:Fire, Ice, Psychic, Darkness, and Unholy.
Weaknesses:Light, Holy, and Divine.
Feeding his enemies to Frustration


  • ??? - Hatred hated his family; he only saw them as a hinderance.


  • Frustration - his Demonic pet / protector / partner.


  • The Corrupt Knights


  • The Rebels of True Justice

Hatred is one of the high ranked members of The Corrupt Knights; he was once the Arch-Mage of the group, but after a while, The Corrupt Knights started trying to target him for being out of the normal.

He created Frustration; his demonic pet and servant, to assist him with spreading evil. Hatred enjoys feeding his enemies to Frustration - watching him get more and more powerful after every soul he devours...

Hatred is one of the most powerful Mages in Tcherborbia - even coming close to Tamus' skill! Creating Frustration took only half of Hatred's power... if he really wanted to, he could create a Demon that was worse... much worse and much more evil than Frustration.

Frustration's Profile:
Element(s):Darkness, Unholy, Fire, Psychic, Wind
Race:Demon / Demonic Fox
Height:24 foot, 5 inches tall
Alignment:Chaotic Evil
Eye Colour:Red
Immunities:Water, Fire, Lava, Psychic, Wind, Darkness, Unholy, Light, Holy
Likes:Taking Souls
Good Creatures
Neutral Creatures


  • None


  • Hatred - his Master; he lets Hatred feed Rebels to him, or whoever / whatever tries to challenge them.


  • None


  • The Rebels of True Justice

Frustration was a Demon who was created, and then summoned by Hatred. He was created by Hatred around the same time as when Hatred had become an evil lord. Frustration serves his master, Hatred, by protecting him, and listening to his commands; Frustration has never disobeyed, or disappointed Hatred.

Frustration usually ends up slaying those that oppose Hatred; also taking their souls. Frustration is a very aggressive Demon; he enjoys tearing his victims apart, and devouring their souls - he shows no mercy to anyone, or anything that stands in his way or dares to challenge him. He is one of the most powerful Demons in Tcherborbia, and even poses a huge threat to the toughest Guardian Elementals (Elementals who are either Light, Holy, or Divine Elementals).

Frustration possesses a lot of magic, and many abilities and attacks, he is also ginormous; which makes him a very frightening target. He has even had an entire army try to oppose him... but, it only ended with the army's inevitable defeat; Frustration devoured the entire army, along with their souls - putting even King Carnivorous to shame.

Frustration even has the ability to double, and even triple his size; allowing him to go from being 24 foot, 5 inches tall, to 48 foot, 10 inches tall, and finally - to 72 foot, 3 inches tall! However, he can only do this when he has to; such as when going against a huge army, or a very tough opponent (He has never encountered a very tough opponent.)

Plus, Frustration's ability to grow takes up a lot of his energy, so he has to wait a bit before growing - so that he can generate extra energy before growing; so that it is as if he never lost any energy.

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