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The Lands of Tcherborbia - The Elemental Wars

on Wed Feb 03, 2016 2:21 pm
The Lands of Tcherborbia - The Elemental Wars
A mod for Zandronum, and a work in progress by Nitrous The Ice Fox.

By the time it is finished, the mod should include:

  • 7 Player Classes (Ice Elemental, Fire Elemental, Psychic Elemental, Wind Elemental, Earth Elemental, Lightning Elemental, and Unholy Elemental.) More classes may be added as updates to the mod.
  • Your very own Elemental Character - choose an Element from one of the player classes, and then tweak your character to your liking! Be advised, though - your character's colour may be changed to match your team's colour during Team-based multiplayer game-modes such as Capture The Flag.
  • Feel part of the History of Tcherborbia; go through a Single-Player / Cooperative Campaign as your Elemental Character, and take on Evil Elementals.
  • Multiplayer Maps - Battle it out as an Elemental, while taking on friends and / or bots who are also Elementals!
  • Class-exclusive items.
  • Unique abilities for each player class.
  • 3D Models (Hopefully - Currently, there are only three 3D Models in the mod.)
  • Maps made for RPs with friends.

There is currently no set date for when the mod will be done; the mod still has barely any progress. It may take a while before the mod really starts taking shape.

Player Classes:
The following list describes each Elemental Player Class.

  • Ice Elemental - Freeze your foes! Watch out for Fire and Lava - Ice Elementals take double damage from Fire and Lava!
  • Fire Elemental - Burn the competition! You'll be able to swim in Lava, and even take zero damage from Fire and Explosions! Beware of Ice Elementals, though - as Fire Elementals take double damage from Ice attacks!
  • Psychic Elemental - Run around like crazy and jump high. Use your Psychic Powers to take on other Elementals!
  • Wind Elemental - Fly around the level, and teach your foes flying lessons!
  • Earth Elemental - Knock your foes out with your powerful, rock-like fists... or even throw boulders at them!
  • Lightning Elemental - Run at lightning-fast speeds, this will surely shock your foes! Be careful when going against Earth Elementals or Ice Elementals!
  • Unholy Elemental - Take the souls of your foes! Feed on your enemies' souls to regenerate your health, and use your Dark and Unholy magic to destroy your foes!


  • No Screenshots Available so far.


  • The mod won't be released for a while.

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