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The Corrupt Knights' Arsenal

on Wed Feb 03, 2016 3:31 pm
The Corrupt Knights' Arsenal:
Every wondered what weapons and armour that The Corrupt Knights have in The Lands of Tcherborbia? Then wonder no more; here is a list of the weapons and armour that they use while being ordered by The Mages, and the king to take control of Tcherborbia.

  • Rebel Slayer - The name of a type of longsword used by The Corrupt Knights; as the name suggests, it is a favourite choice for Corrupt Knights who are going up against Rebels that belong to The Rebels of True Justice. It has a unique hilt and hand-guard which instantly gives away to what group / army it belongs to.
  • Elemental Eliminator - The name of a large greatsword; usually used by the best heavies in The Corrupt Knights' army, these greatswords are the same ones that are seen being held and used by Heavies who have been ordered to slay an Elemental.
  • Corruption Spreader - The name of a crossbow used by The Corrupt Knights' archers; it has a powerful launching mechanism that has been enhanced by the magic of Mages; making it easily comparable to a Battle Rifle, or even Sniper Rifle. These can be seen with scopes, too... but only the best of Archers have their crossbows equipped with scopes. These archers are trained to never miss their target.
  • Last Chance - The name of a small dagger that every Corrupt Knight has as a backup weapon - if they get disarmed, or knocked helpless, they can pull this dagger out, and try and defend themselves from the opposing threat. Every Corrupt Knight is scared of using this dagger - as they know that when they need to use it, it will be their last chance.
  • Hands of Devastation - Gauntlets which have extra thick armour attached to the knuckles; allowing the wearer to deal devastating blows on their target. It has even been used against an Earth Elemental... and proven effective - it makes going against an Earth Elemental comparable to going against a target that is not an Elemental, but can deal deadly blows.
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