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on Thu Mar 31, 2016 8:02 am
The following, is a list of rules:

  1. No asking to be an Admin or Moderator.
  2. No Off-Topic posts in the On-Topic Section.
  3. No NSFW pics.
  4. Absolutely NO hacking.
  5. Do not impersonate administrators, moderators, or any other user on this site.
  6. If you do state that someone's work needs improving, give constructive feedback; for example, don't just say "This pic is bad.", say something like "This pic looks like it could do with a bit of improving..." instead, and give a fair reason as well. Some people spend ages on their work, and all they get is others going "This is awful." at them; no reason or anything, just unconstructive feedback to make the author feel bad. So please, don't do it here.
  7. Only comment on how good or bad a users' posts are, if they want to know what everyone thinks, or if they don't mind. for example, if they were writing a story, and at the end, they said "What do you guys think?" tell them what you think then.
  8. Treat others with respect.
  9. No spamming.
  10. No trolling.
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