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Currency, and Items of value in Tcherborbia

on Wed May 11, 2016 12:07 am
In old Tcherborbia (Tcherborbia, during Nitrous' Quest), Gold was used for currency.

But in modern Tcherborbia, since the progressors have evolved, they have made a new replacement currency named "Tchers" after Tcherborbia.

Tchers can be found in many different forms; simple coins (Worth 10, 20, 50, and 100 Tcher), special coins with gems embedded on them, which were created by Elementals (Worth 200-500 Tcher), and finally, special diamonds that were created by Ice Elementals (Worth between 1000-5000 Tcher). The size, mass, and condition of the diamond specifies the value.

The exchange rate for Tchers to pounds: 5 Tchers = £1
The formula is: Number of Tcher divided by 5.

Tcher Type:Value in Tcher:Approx. Value in £:
10 Tcher Coin10 Tcher£2
20 Tcher Coin20 Tcher£4
50 Tcher Coin50 Tcher£10
100 Tcher Coin100 Tcher£20
Coin with Fire (Orange) Gem200 Tcher£40
Coin with Ice (Bright Blue) Gem300 Tcher£60
Coin with Water (Dark Blue) Gem230 Tcher£46
Coin with Lava (Red) Gem280 Tcher£56
Coin with Wind (Silver) Gem400 Tcher£80
Coin with Lightning (Gold) Gem500 Tcher£100
Coin with Earth (Brown) Gem450 Tcher£90
Coin with Psychic (Emerald) Gem360 Tcher£72
Small Ice Diamond (At least 3 inches in size)1000 Tcher£200
Medium Ice Diamond (At least 7 inches in size)2500 Tcher£500
Large Ice Diamond (At least 12 inches in size)3200 Tcher£640
Huge Ice Diamond (2 foot in size)5000 Tcher£1000

Items of Value in Tcherborbia:

There are lots of various things that can be found in Tcherborbia, which are worth a lot of money.
Value in Tcher:
Approx. Value in £:
Gold Coin1000 Tcher£200
Ice Elemental Teeth / Ice Crystals5000 Tcher£1000
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